Our Animals

We love our animals at Stibb Hollow Farm, our chickensfree range and like nothing better than being fed corn by our guests. Our eight sheep who live in the field are mostly hand reared from a few days old and therefore are very tame. They wil eat ewe nuts from your hand and like a good scratch behind their ears, watch their tails wiggle when you give them a scratch!  Buster our black Labrador and entertainments officer is very friendly once he has stopped barking his hello. Football is his favourite game and will spend hours playing if he can find a willing participant.  Biscuit our rescue ginger cat, when not sleeping can be found mooching around looking for a cuddle.  Fabio our fabulous cockerel likes to cockadoodledo in the morning and afternoon letting us all know his there.  Four Aylesbury ducks bed down with the chickens every night and love a good chat in the morning when they are let out, peas are their favourite treat if you want to make some friends!

For our guests staying in the cabin we provide corn and ewe nuts if you would like to feed the animals. Watch out for Manuela the chicken as she is quite partial to listening to music if you have the radio on.  If you would like to collect fresh eggs for your breakfast, please let us know and we can show you where they are.

For our B&B guests, if you would like to feed the animals or collect eggs please let us know and we can provide you with food and show you where the eggs are.